"I am Mira Pandey, a head matron from Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu, Nepal. My participation in the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (IAGP) has been truly transformative. As someone joining from a developing country where psychodrama is not widely practiced, IAGP has provided me with unparalleled exposure to innovative approaches to creatively and spontaneously bridge the gap between my community’s mental health practices and the latest advancements in group psychotherapy by introducing and integrating psychodrama into our mental health landscape."

Mira Pandey Head Matron, Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu, Nepal

"To whom it may concern, This is to testify that IAGP has the potential and capability to deal with vulnerable individuals who may grapple with violence, injustice and inequality at social level. My personal experience during the last year attests to the fact that even in the dark days of internet shutdown, oppression and restrictions in Iran, IAGP provided an ambience of support and network where the healing process was facilitated. I hope the provision of more extensive assistance from IAGP can help other people gain insight and heal their wounds."

Zahed Abdollahi, Iran

"The journey started in 2000 when IAGP members met a Palestinian therapist from TRC and started the cooperation to great a training program to introduce Psychodrama for the first time in Palestine. We started 18 participants, then we participated in training more and more. The main trainers from IAGB were Ursula, Jorge, Maurizio, Elizbeth, Ben, Maya , and others who dedicated their time, effort, knowledge and experience to capacitate the Palestinian therapists. TRC took the lead to recruit more therapists in west bank and another group was running in GAZA. The IAGP members had volunteered to come to Palestine in critical and unsustainable situation, and have given us a full diploma program by which now we are the only psychodramatists in Palestine."

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