IAGP is a volunteer organization with hundreds of members in many countries, who are experts in working with groups, small and large. Assisted by leaders and mentors, they can be mobilized to expand their reach in helping communities cope with large-scale issues, which extend beyond mental health and stability of individuals. The major task is empowering people to help each other, and some of these group members become leaders in their own communities, collaborating with local resources.

Core Competencies

  • Trauma Recovery
  • Mental Health
  • Team Building
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Leadership Training
  • Tapping Local Resources
  • Improving Social Connections
  • Strengthening Communities


As a global association, IAGP is uniquely positioned to mobilize and work with communities in many countries which are adversely affected by natural disasters, acts of war and other large-scale crises. It is the only worldwide organization of professionals devoted to working with groups. It has a 50 year track record of helping various communities, and can work with war refugees and earthquake victims effectively.

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